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Grimtale Island is a story driven, open world survival game set in a beautiful low poly art style.

You wash up on a very unusual island... The people who lived here are not themselves and the wildlife on the island has grown larger and dangerous.

Uncover the mystery on Grimtale island and find a way to stop it.

Grimtale Island is still early in development so bugs are expected but will be fixed ASAP.

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* Day and Night cycle

* Crafting system

* looting and survival elements

* Hunger and thirst system 

* Base building 

* pve elements

* Dynamic weather system

*Animal taming

*Player progression (xp)

*Character upgrades

* multiplayer (survival, battle royale)

*world and body temperature system 


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dude, srsly? this game looked awesome! and now i cant get it, >:[

all people who are interested in grimtale island it is now a steam only game.